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Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Forgiving the unforgivable is hard. I know I’m not alone in this. In fact, throughout all my years of mentoring and empowering women, the issue of forgiveness is by far the greatest issue that goes unanswered. I have met several different women with the same yet different concerns regarding forgiveness.

The pendulum swings to the one end severely where they are stuck and desperately crying out for help in releasing a lifetime of betrayal, broken promises, and violating experiences. While others struggle with processing and forgiving one single, devastating betrayal.

No two situations are ever exactly the same. But no matter what the circumstances, there is a common theme threaded throughout nearly all of the stories: How do I forgive this?

People usually desire to forgive, or at least to find some sort of release or acceptance of the hurt and pain they’ve carried. We can all agree that not having the ability or tools to forgive is burdensome and taxing. I am not any different than the women I hear from; I

have spent years and endless amounts of energy struggling with pain and licking my wounds desperately desiring to be freed from the pain and heartache and even wrestled with how to forgive my offenders.

Before we can ever really dig into the “how” of forgiveness, we must first understand the “why” of it. The best way to answer our question is to seek guidance from the Most High and follow his lead on forgiveness. He will guide us to the answers of why we should forgive, and will provide examples to the second question of how to forgive.

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